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During 2011,  1803 individuals attended a Stewards of Children  training in Wisconsin.  Awareness to Action supports the program by supplying the participant workbooks, which comes to an expense of $25,242.

Pre- and post-data was gathered before and after the trainings.  As a result of attending a Stewards of Children:

  • Fifty-seven percent more participants agreed with the statement, "Approximately 40% of sexual abusers are older or larger youth," which meant a total of 80% of participants agreed with this factual statement at the conclusion of the training.
  • Ninety-two percent of participants agreed with the statement, "I believe that fewer children would be sexually abused if adults made more conscious choices about the situations in which children are placed," an increase from the pre-data of  49%.
  • Twenty-two percent of participants increased their confidence regarding, "I believe that I know what to do if a child reports sexual abuse to me," resulting in 95% of participants agreeing with the statement.

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Awareness to Action is a program of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin with additional funding provided by Wisconsin Children's Trust Fund.

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