Training for your organization


It is important to give adults the information and skills needed to help prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.  There following programs are available to meet this need.

Stewards of Children™

Darkness to Light has developed Stewards of Children™ - an award winning training program created to educate and support you in protecting children from sexual abuse.  This 2 hour training program focuses on the concept that ending child sexual abuse will require a cooperative, community effort.  Empowerment is very important in protecting children from sexual abuse.  Personal empowerment helps provide adults with the capacity and momentumto take action against child sexual abuse.With personal empowerment, adults can make choices, take risks, and support each other.

This program will give your staff and volunteers simple strategies for preventing child sexual abuse through the 5 Steps to Protecting our Children.

  1. Learn the facts.
  2. Minimize opportunity.
  3. Talk about it.
  4. Recognize the signs.
  5. React responsibly.

To schedule a Stewards of Children™ training for your organization, contact Awareness to Action or click here for a list of trained facilitators.


Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Organizations: Policies and Procedures Training 

Awareness to Action has developed Policy and Procedure guidelines to protect children from sexual abuse while participating in programs at your organization. Communities/organizations who are interested in bringing this important program to their area click here for details and application form. For more information, email Abby Kibar or call 414-292-4125.


Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Mandatory Reporter Training (SCAN-MRT)

If you are a mandated reporter according to Wisconsin's law or your organization's policies state that staff and/or volunteers are required to report suspicions of child abuse and neglect; you may want to participate in a Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Mandatory Reporter Training (SCAN-MRT).  This 3-hour training discusses all types of abuse; including sexual, physical, emotional and neglect.  Participants will feel more confident in recogniziing signs of abuse, responding to disclosure of abuse and reporting abuse to the proper authorities.

To learn more about SCAN-MRT, click here.


Mandated Reporter Online Training

If you are interested in taking the online Mandated Reporter training to learn:

  • Your legal responsibilities as a mandated reporter
  • The types of child abuse and neglect and their definitions
  • How to recognize child abuse and neglect
  • How and where to make a report
  • What happens after you make a report
  • The protections for a reporter under the law

Visit Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System