Stewards of Children® Video 

Darkness to Light has developed Stewards of Children®- an award winning training program created to educate and support you in protecting children from sexual abuse.  This 2 hour training program focuses on the concept that ending child sexual abuse will require a cooperative, community effort.  Empowerment is very important in protecting children from sexual abuse.  Personal empowerment helps provide adults with the capacity and momentum to take action against child sexual abuse. With personal empowerment, adults can make choices, take risks, and support each other. 

This program will give your staff and volunteers simple strategies for preventing child sexual abuse through the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™.

1. Learn the Facts - If we don’t understand child sexual abuse, we can’t end it.
2. Minimize Opportunity - Safe environments can help reduce the risk for abuse. 
3. Talk About It - Talking openly breaks down barriers and reduces stigma.
4. Recognize the Signs - Signs of abuse aren’t always obvious, but they are often there.
5. React Responsibly - It’s our responsibility to react appropriately to suspicion, disclosure, or discovery of abuse.

Upcoming Training for the Public:

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