About Us

Who we are & what we do

Since 2009, Awareness to Action has been helping adults and communities take action to prevent child sexual abuse. Today, Children’s Wisconsin and the Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Board partner to bring training and guidance to individuals, organizations, and communities ready to take responsibility for keeping children safe. Through awareness, education, prevention, advocacy, and action, adults can take steps to protect the children in their lives.

Why it matters

For most adults, it is difficult to even think about the possibility that a child could be sexually abused. It is critical that adults build their awareness of the pervasiveness of child sexual abuse. Educating yourself on this topic will better prepare you to protect the children in your life.

Wisconsin’s price tag for helping and protecting abused and neglected children is staggering. The bills keep rolling in long after the children have grown up, as we pay for special education, law enforcement, juvenile justice, and mental health care to deal with the enduring scars of childhood maltreatment. In Wisconsin, the lifetime economic burden of substantiated child abuse, neglect, and child deaths in 2018 is estimated to exceed $4.5 billion (Klika et al., 2020). Preventing child sexual abuse before it occurs and responding appropriately when it does impacts children, families, and society.   

What you can do

  • Learn about resources available in your community.
  • Engage in conversations with children and adults about the topic of child sexual abuse. 
  • Get involved with your local sexual assault center.
  • Attend and organize a Stewards of Children® training as an individual, organization, or community. 
  • Submit an application for the Policy and Procedure training for your organization.
  • Challenge those who are inappropriate or abusive to seek help, stop the abuse and face accountability.